Friday, October 2, 2009

Irony ...(& election info)

In case you can't read the fuzzy letters, this screen shot is of the blog I wrote (see below)about the massive spending by Texas Developer-Randall Van Wolfswinkel and how we (Democrats) must to it is an ad for Preserve SB, the PAC (Political Action Committee) which he is funding. It reads: "Preserve SB- Find out which council candidates really support measure B"


Today is Friday, gearing up for the first big push both here in SB with the municipal election and in Ventura with another municipal election.

SB is an all vote by mail election, so everyone will get their ballots in the mail Tuesday of next week (10/06), it will include prepaid postage, so all you have to do is vote and return. Remember, vote NO on Measure B!

(7 polling places will be open on HALLOWEEN Saturday and on Tues Nov 3rd- more info to come)

Ventura also has an election with absentee ballots going out this week, but the polls will be open as usual on election day. Remember, vote YES on Measure A! (to protect, preserve and maintain VENTURA- the Wright Library and Emergency Response Services).

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