Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First decade of the new millenium- completed

Wow suddenly, just like that the first decade of this millennium is over. (or close enough to it).

Because my academic studies were in Political Science which is heavily based on history, I have a fascination with time as it moves forward. Both in our lives as individuals and as part of a whole, it is important to acknowledge the time passed and the time remaining. I recently remembered that when this decade first began, I was a Sophomore at Dos Pueblos High School. How about you?

One exercise that I began in 2005 with our college group at the church was to write down Hopeful Resolutions for the year, these are not the regular new years resolutions but a slightly deeper reflection, and to have at the center these ideas of Hope: Accept Love, Play More, Forgive, Give Thanks.

The 4 Lists to create or pages to fill consist of the following topics:
10 Things I learned in (2009)
10 Things I am grateful for
10 Things I intend to create in my Life in (2010)
5 Things I wand to do in the next 5 years.

While I don't always have consistency in many trivial things, for some reason writing these down in the same marble memo notebook is important and it takes me pretty much all of December to reflect upon. It is fascinating to see lessons you learned year ago, or what you have in fact intended to create and created! One thing I have found is that sometimes things don't happen on your terms and in your timeline, but they do happen and what you intended to create in a certain year might take a little more work, but it will happen. If you are so inclined, I recommend you try it.

Lastly, I'd like to share a video that is now a decade old, but is also exciting to see how far we have come (and in ways, how far we have yet to go)

All the best for this new year-2010!