Thursday, July 5, 2007

I wouldn't mind a Mercedes

In fact, I wouldn't mind the Mercedes-Benz Kompressor SLK250, however if I dont get it, I wouldn't mind.

I was thinking about this today when I took a break from work, and walked around the corner for some coffee. The sun was falling down, it was warm but not hot, the air was clean, the sky was a perfect blue. I am fortunate to live in a gorgeous and safe place. After having watched 'A mighty heart' I remember, that many many places are really just crappy. I don't mean that with an air of condecendance, but rather an immense thankfulness for the opportunity to be here, and most importantly to be conscious of what a gift it is to be here.

I'm someone who is often concerned about issues of a wider scope, and without a doubt to me global and national poverty should be our number one concern. The only relief in all the theories I have heard about 'why poverty exists' is not an explanation or an excuse, but rather an uplifting concept. In the documentary, 'Ten Questions for the Dali Lama', he explains that rich people are not happy, because they always want more. However, the poorest of the poor, once they have attained food for that day, and know where they will sleep, generally they find joy in vastly simpler things. And that joy is one that millionares cannot experience because of their continuous concern for more. This thought has appeased me...not to say I am not concerned, but rather, I learn and remind myself of what matters.

I am however, especially lucky, surronded by my family and a few best friends, and have found in my community support for growth, 'belonging' and whatever else one might need to grow. The least I owe to each of these people, I think, is to be a person whose goal is to give back and leave this place a little better than it is today. Sounds simple, and I am sure when the time comes, I will face the challenges I must to achieve such a goal.