Friday, August 3, 2007

Better to fly and fall than never to have flown at all....

I've been meaning to write for a while about the Cirque du Soleil-Mystere show that Ames, Hafiza and I attended in Vegas...

It was amazing! Words, pictures or even a video of it do not do it justice. As a premise, you ought to know I'm not an 'artsy' person, if I go to a performance of sorts, generally it is because I know someone performing, or its tied to a relevant organization. But I'd heard this was pretty good (and even though I have fallen asleep when watching it on TV KCET network), I still pitched it as a possible performance to attend. So we paid for some pretty pricey tickets and hoped for the best...and that's exactly what we got.

Their website uses words such as creativity, fire, (burning)passion, amazing, extraordinary, adventure, imgaination. Sitting in the first few rows, we witnessed just that.

The first act called the 'areal cube' was a man doing all sorts of acrobats while hanging and interacting with an cube, or rather the empty frame of a cube. And at the conclusion of his performance, I could not believe the amount of awe and amazement I felt. I had never seen a person do something so artistically beautifully. It isn't comparable to my amazement to anything else I have seen one person do. Hmm it was so inspiring and different that it made me ask myself, if up until this point in life, (almost 23 yrs/ same as the cirque du soleil's existence) I have never experienced such beauty in an action, (which sounds simple enough), to what dimension have I not been experiencing life?

In fact, that question has stuck with me for almost a week now! What is the threshhold then for our capability of beauty, love, happiness, pain...all of this came from the first act right? Yes indeed, from then on the show only got better.

Next, I believe this same performer swong on these ropes...and at some point he was almost flying!Flying kinda like a real bird...and I thought of watching eaglets flying over the patches of farmland here in 'the goodland' or pelicans by the ocean. It occurred to me, how is it one person can come so close to doing what so many of us dream about...hmm maybe, we CAN do anything...

The show continued, and my amazement never stopped. The core of the beauty of the show and it's success, I could feel was: PASSION. The passion each performer felt for what they were doing was palpable and it made my heart beat faster. I think if only each of us devoted our lives to that one thing (whatever that one thing is) with the amount of passion that these preformers had that night, our world would not be so mediocre. In fact, it slightly shifted my thinking. For someone as driven and concerned (primarily with politics), I had always felt, people needed to care more about certain issues. Now I feel they just need to care more about ANY issue, because I can honestly say that these performer's PASSION improved my quality of life and outlook on life, and although it didn't change the world it changed my world. All need to do is change the world whichever form we are capable by utilizing our PASSION.

-The end.