Monday, August 24, 2009

Olivia Uribe-blue- by Olivia Uribe

I had forgotten how much I loved Photoshop!

It can be said that for whatever reasons or how it came to be, I now have a lot of time on my hands: I've been reading (a great book), taking in the sunshine & Santa Barbara breeze, enjoying an amazing & supportive family, friends & community, good meals & now a little Photoshop time! I suspect my downtime won't last long- much work has yet to be done- but while it lasts, I plan on enjoying every bit of it.

About the title "Olivia Uribe-blue- by Olivia Uribe" Blue is the color of my party, the ocean, the sky, our campaign color, and much more. The components, my name in text makes up the picture.


Garden Wise Guy said...

Regardless of the reason, relish the bit of leisure time you have. I'll just vicariously indulge with you. My new teaching gig started tonite; 15 weeks to go.

Silvia Uribe said...

Rest time, packaged as it may be, comes to us as a gift to make a pause in our way, breath, and launch ourselves again to the wonderful adventure of life.

Take full advantage of it!