Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara- Resources & Info 8am Tuesday

Please email, fb or tweet (now and in the future these resources):

1. Latest Update (
from 11pm Monday press release)
2. Evac Info 
2B. Grab and Go lists
3. Previous Updates
4. Important Contact Emergency Info
5. Road Closures
6. School Closures
7. Info Outlets
-Social Networks (facebook, twitter)
Information Kiosks & Mask Distributions & Health Related Info
9. How you can help
10. Evacuation Resources
1ob. Services for Evacuees & Shelters
11. Events Updates
12. For County Employees

1. LATEST INFO  (from's latest update at 8:00pm)

• 8,733 acres burned
• 80% contained
• Damage assessment teams have been working in the field providing more accurate survey numbers.  Assessment to date: 78 homes destroyed, 22 homes damaged; 67 outbuildings destroyed and 69 outbuildings damaged
• Approximately 145 properties evacuated (mandatory evacuation orders); affects approx. 362 people
• Residences threatened–500; commercial properties threatened–0
• 3,174 personnel on scene: 262 engines, 90 crews
• 5 air tankers including the DC10, and 10 helicopters
• 28 firefighter injuries to date
• Cause under investigation:  Tip line – 805-686-5074
• Air quality warning remains in effect
• Estimated costs to date $12.2 million
• Expected containment 5/13/09

Water Usage Restrictions-
In light of the Jesusita fire in Santa Barbara and its potential impacts on water supplies, Carpinteria Valley Water District and Montecito Water District are asking their customers to use water for essential uses only. Reservoir storage levels have been adversely affected by the extreme customer demand resulting from the very hot, dry weather. The Districts are asking customers to postpone such uses as landscape irrigation, washing of vehicles and other outdoor water uses until the Jesusita fire threat has passed. Water supply updates will be issued as the situation progresses.


Mandatory Evacuation Orders SEE MAP:






2. Grab and Go List

Pet ID tags
Pet leashes
Pet medications
Pet water bowls
Pets (if advance warning, take to an approved shelter)
Photographs of all family members
Disabled/Special Needs
Helping Children
In-Place Sheltering
Prepare Your Vehicle

Birth certificates
Car insurance card
Computer backup disks
Computers (time permitting)
Drivers' licenses
Health insurance card
House deed
Insurance papers
Legal documents
Marriage license
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
Tax papers

Blank checks
Check books
Credit cards
Savings books
First-aid kit
 Motion sickness tablets
Prescription dentures
Prescription glasses
Prescription hearing aids
Decorations, pins, awards
Family heirlooms
Gold, silver, and other valuable jewelry

Family Bible
Irreplaceable keepsakes
Original paintings
Photos and albums, slides, movies, home videos
Food and Water   (for three to seven days - if time permits)
Manual can opener
Non-perishable, ready-to-eat food
Pet food
Pet treats
Water (at least one gallon per person and pet per day)
Food Storage
Water Storage
Toiletries   (if time permits)
Sanitary devices
Shaving articles
Soap and towels
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Emergency Sanitation
Clothing   (appropriate for the season - if time permits)
Change of clothing for each person (for one to seven days)
Change of underwear
Coats and jackets
Gloves and scarves
Hats and caps
Infant supplies and toys
Shoes and boots

Additional Items to Take   (if time permits)
Cameras and extra batteries
Cell phones
Covered container to use as an emergency toilet
Flashlights and extra batteries
Portable radio and extra batteries
Reading material
Recreational items
First Aid Kit
72-Hour Kit

Close evacuation car windows but DO NOT LOCK CAR and leave keys in ignition
Close fire resistant window coverings, heavy drapes, and Venetian blinds
Close garage door but leave it unlocked (disconnect automatic garage door opener)
Close or cover outside vents and shutters
Close sliding glass doors into the center of the house (DON'T lock them)
Determine where separated members will meet
Disconnect propane tank
Don't tie up telephone lines (notify friends and relatives by e-mail where to contact you)
Establish an evacuation plan, travel route, probable destination
Fill bathtubs, sinks, and containers with water
Fill evacuation vehicle gas tank
Follow any official agency's evacuation instructions
If instructed, tie large white cloth to front door knob
Leave one light on in each general area so firefighters can see your house in dark and smoke
Lock doors and windows
Make safety equipment obvious for firefighters (spigots, ladders, chain saws, hoses, etc.)
Move overstuffed furniture away from windows
Park evacuation vehicle in the garage heading toward street and travel route
Place a ladder against the roof of the house on the side opposite the approaching fire
Plug air vents and openings that are close to the ground
Prepare an "information note" to leave on the door detailing who you are and where you have gone
In your "information note" tell where flammables are (such as lawnmower gas, ammo, chemicals - move them all into one place)
Release any livestock in the area
Remove combustible items from around the outside of the house
Remove lace, nylon, or light material drapes and curtains
Soak burlap sacks, small rugs, or large rags in containers
Turn off appliances, thermostats, fireplaces, stoves
Turn off natural gas at meter
Turn on exterior lights


-Medications (prescription and OTC that you use regularly)
-Tooth brush & tooth paste
-Sm. bottles of shampoo & conditioner, soap, and lotion.
-Combs, brush
-A change of clothing
-Your cell phone and charger
-Computer/ Laptop/ Hardrive/ flashdrive

-Several small bottles of water
-Water purification tablets.
-Roll of toilet paper or box of Kleenex (remove box and put into plastic bag)
-Roll of duct tape
-Flashlight and fresh batteries 
(even better, an LED lantern which casts a lot of light for a long time)
-A battery powered radio
-A  pair of work gloves
-A mask to filter out dust and ash.
-An emergency blanket
-A carryall bag


-A pet carrier for small animals
-Enough food and water for several days, if animals are not going to a shelter.
-A leash for dogs (harness & leash for cats)
-Medications, if needed

What you truly want to take with you, and keep them in an easily transportable way. Make sure all members of the family know where they are. Photos and albums are just such items to consider.


You should keep a list of your insurance policies and their numbers.
Birth Certificate

NOTIFY:   Be sure to have in-town and out-of-town contact phone numbers with you, and let people know where you are.


3. Previous Updates

Friday Morning:
(8am press conference) 
"This is an issue that is impacting our entire community, we encourage everyone to be involved in participating the solution. " Cooperating with authority, save water...

From SB COunty Dept: Tom Franklin- Last night Fire moved west, jumped 154. 
Weather expected to be a carbon copy of yesterday. 
Winds in exess of 50 mil."The fire is very hot". Does not have much moisture. 
"We are always going to err on the side of LIFE SAFETY"

From SB Interim Fire Chief Andrew Dimizio-We're fully staffed right now. Have been running calls for support of the fire team. 

From Sheriff Bill Brown- Last night we made major changes of evac area. 
85 fixed post assignments from Law Enforcement 150 brought in for mutual aid total 235
Gave Shelter info, Grab & Go list highlights. 

This is an issue that is impacting our entire community, we encourage everyone to be involved in participating the solution. 

We have activated the DC10- we must use all the tools at our disposal.

Red Cross- 5679 Hollister (Goleta Valley Comm Center) if interested in volunteering.Training from 9am until need is no need 687-1331

681-5197 SB County EOC

Mask distrib. today 11a-2p at three sites: Goleta Valley Community Ctr, Loreto Plaza, and Lazy Acres

Thu evening:

Leave early, obey orders, this is a "deadly fire". Fire moving west to where the Gap fire burned (where we expect it to slow down a bit). I

Beware of telemaketing scams regarding the fire. Do not give away credit card numbers without verifying the call is legitimate

7:00 pm update-

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is requesting Federal assistance as well as monies from FEMA

Please turn off your water service to avoid potential loss of water pressure in the affected area

Noon press conference yielded absolutely NO new info. Evacuation orders remain the same. Next press conference tba
Latest Press Release: 

From this morning's 7:30 briefing- "Guardedly Optimistic" 0% containment 196 acres 2,000 homes and 10 businesses threatened Over 60 law enforcement on site.

CLOSURE Hwy 192 from La Cumbre to El Cielito
CLOSURE All traffic on La cumbre north of stat and foothill shut down

Be prepared due to changing directions of wind.



• County Jesusita Fire Call Center – 805-681-5197
• Evacuation Shelter (Red Cross) – 687-1331
• Animal Services Hotline – 805-681-4332
Tip Line 686-5074

681-4332. (Humane Society on 5399 Overpass Rd, Goleta is taking small animals)
-Large Animals can be taken to Earl Warren Showground Los Positas entrance, 3400 Calle Real

-county radio emergency broadcast -

5. ROAD CLOSURES Road closure hotline (805) 568-3006


All Schools are open. 


Social Networks
-twitter search #jesusitafire
-Facebok Group- Santa Barbara Emergency info-

Residents are advised to stay alert for additional information by listening to County Government cable TV station Channel 20,(Streaming online or the following AM or FM radio “Stations of Choice” for Emergency Public Information or other local television stations.

AM Stations:
KTMS- 990
San Marcos Pass Radio- 1040
FM Stations:
KSPE- 94.5 (spanish)
KCSB 91.9
KSYV- 96.7
KSBL- 101.7
KTYD- 99.9
KRAZ- 105.9


Clean up kits, dust masks and water distribution:
The American Red Cross, Santa Barbara County Chapter will begin bulk distribution of free Clean-Up Kits, dust masks and water for those affected by the Jesusita Fire. The distribution will be held in the rear parking lot of the American Red Cross, Santa Barbara County Chapter headquarters at 2707 State Street Sunday, May 10, from 10 to 5 p.m.

Public information kiosks are in the following locations:
Santa Barbara
   Paseo Nuevo (State and De La Guerra Streets)
   Loreto Plaza (State Street and Las Positas Road)
   Scolari’s Food Co. (222 North Milpas Street)
   Lazy Acres (302 Meigs Road)
• Montecito
   1400 Block of East Valley Road (Lower Village), Montecito, CA
• Goleta – NEW!
   Starbucks @ Camino Real, 7030 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta, CA 93117

The Santa Barbara County UCSB Emergency Operations Center will be redeploying and relocating to the Employee’s University Interim EOC on Camino del Remedio tonight, 9 May 2009. 

Low cost/sliding scale+FREE srvcs 4 4 appts: 805-961-4628. Hrs: Sat: 9am-12pm

-List of orgs you can donate to that are helping people and animals affected by the fire in Santa Barbara

- Foodbank of SB needs your help for Jesusita Fire, check out how you can make a difference

he Foodbank of Santa Barbara needs your help. They are calling for 50 volunteers to help put together emergency kits for Jesusita Fire evacuees.

They are asking the public to come by their warehouse today at 1:00 p.m. at 4554 Hollister Avenue to put together 2,500 emergency comfort kits for the evacuees.

If you would like to help, please call the Foodbank's Community Relations Manager Diane Hadighi at 967-5741 x112.

The foodbank is also accepting food donations for the evacuees.

  • small jars of peanut butter
  • individual size toiletries
  • individual size box juices
  • granola bars/power bars
  • diapers
  • bottled water
  • canned meats such as tuna/chicken

Absolutely no clothing or non-food donations will be accepted.

Please contact the Santa Barbara Warehouse at (805) 967-5741 ext. 112, to help those in need by volunteering today and by donating the needed items.

-From SB Red Cross:5679 Hollister if interested in volunteering.Training from 9am until need is no need 687-1331

-Donations of Animal Crates Requested
A large number of crates are needed to assist with sheltering the animals evacuated due to the fire. Please consider donating medium to large-sized animal crates by bringing them to the Santa Barbara Humane Society at 5399 Overpass Road.
-Donate to the Santa Barbara Firefighter's Alliance via Givezooks at

“If you are interested in supporting your local firefighters, I can’t think of a better organization than the Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance.” Rob Heckman, President, Santa Barbara County Firefighters Association.

“The Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance has proven to be an invaluable partner. When choosing a non-profit to assist your firefighters, you need look no further than the Alliance. We are very proud of our involvement with the Alliance.” Pat McElroy, Battalion Chief, Santa Barbara City Fire Department.


Evacuation of Medically Fragile and Those with Mobility Needs

In order to assure the safe and efficient relocation of residents in the Evacuation Areas, residents who require non-emergency medical assistance and who need assistance in evacuating should call 893-5001.

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is currently coordinating with area hospitals,  ambulance company  American Medical Response (AMR), and skilled nursing facilities with the Mandatory and Warning evacuation zones for transfer to other facilities within our region to help ensure continuity of care resources for  medically fragile residents.  Medically fragile individuals should continue to call the call center at 681-5197 to be counseled appropriately and directed to the appropriate center.

Residents who are in the Warning or Mandatory Evacuation Areas and who need physical assistance with leaving should call the Jesusita Fire Call Center to obtain help. This includes residents who do not have transportation, cannot walk without assistance, depend on medical equipment, require oxygen or have other health limitations. Assistance with transportation and finding appropriate shelter is available. Please call 681-5197 and the Public Health Department will advise and assist. Please do not call 911 unless you have a medical emergency.


If you require non-emergency evac assistance, do not call 911. Call the Jesusita Fire Medical Transport Help Line at 893-5001

The American Red Cross, Santa Barbara County Chapter has placed its Emergency Shelter at Dos Pueblos High School on standby status as of 12 noon today through 12 noon tomorrow at which time it will be closed. Anyone in need of a safe place to stay due to the Jesusita Fire is encouraged to go to the Red Cross Emergency Shelter at the MAC Center on the UCSB Campus. This shelter will be open 24 hours a day until further notice.

The American Red Cross has established an additional evacuation shelter at the Rec Center on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara (Mesa Road and Ocean Drive).

Direstions to MAC@UCSB: 217, go right @ traffic circle. @ 3rd light, go Left on Ocean. Parking is on left shelter on right

Animal Shelters

Owners of small animals
Call the Animal Services hotline – 681-4332 to be directed to a shelter location. 

Owners of large animals
(i.e. horses) may continue to take them to the Earl Warren Showgrounds.

Animals now in shelter
Animals now in shelter as a result of the fire are estimated to be 975: (These are estimates based on reports from 4 – 9 pm May 8)

  • Santa Barbara Humane Society – 529 animals (239 cats, 127 dogs, 146 birds, 6 livestock and 18 miscellaneous)
  • Animal Services – 259 animals (22 birds, 195 cats, 16 dogs, and 25 rabbits or rodents)
  • Equine Evac – 187 total 116 horses, 3 pigs, 1 llama, 15 goats, 10 opossums, 10 mules and donkeys, 20 rabbits, and 12 chickens)

-Verizon Offers Free Call Forwarding to Customers Affected by Jesusita Wildfire

Verizon landline customers who have lost their homes or who have been evacuated because of the Jesusita wildfire in Santa Barbara County can add call forwarding to their account at no charge as part of the company's efforts to help those in need cope with the disaster.

"Staying in touch with family and friends is more important than ever during times of crisis, and free call-forwarding will help our customers remain connected," said Kathy Koelle, Verizon's vice president, marketing.

Verizon customers affected by the fire can opt -- at no charge -- to have their telephone calls automatically forwarded to a working phone number at another location or to a wireless number. Customers will not be billed for the one-time setup fees or monthly charges for call forwarding, although customers will be responsible for any toll charges on forwarded calls and wireless airtime charges.

Residential customers who have been affected by the fire and want to set up call forwarding should call Verizon at 1-800-483-1000. Business customers should call 1-800-483-2000.

As of Thursday morning, the fire had not damaged any Verizon facilities.

-The U.S. Postal Service says that evacuated residents and businesses in Santa Barbara can still obtain their mail at Santa Barbara-area post offices during their normal business hours. Customers need to have a photo ID to pick up their mail. ZIP Code 93101 - Santa Barbara Main Post Office, 836 Anacapa Street ZIP Code 93105 - San Roque Station, 3355 State Street. ZIP Codes 93105, 93108 & 93109 - East Beach Station,

-Patterson Self Storage & Packing Supply is offering free storage spaces and wholesale prices on boxes and packing supplies to residents whose homes are threatened by the Jesusita Fire. Call 805.964.0924 to reserve a space.Click here to order boxes and packing supplies online, or visit the store at Patterson Avenue and Highway 101. The offer is limited to stock on hand.


Santa Barbara First Thursday (5/7)- Cancelled
Environmental Defense Center's TGIF- (5/8)- Cancelled
Katy Perry Concert at SB BOWL(5/9)- POSTPONED until Sunday August 30
Democratic Party Roosevelt-Hamer Dinner (5/9)- Postponed

County and other employees assigned to work at the County Calle Real Campus
(Public Health Department, Department of Social Services, Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services, Community Action Commission etc.)

Due to a Mandatory Evacuation Order, the Calle Real County Buildings are closed for Friday May 8th, 2009. County employees are to remain at home and available by their known phone numbers for call back and assignment to alternative work sites. If required to report to an alternate work site, employees should bring County identification badge and cell phone, if issued. Services to the public normally available at this campus will be closed.


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