Tuesday, May 8, 2007

National Security:only in America....are we so contradictory!

Only in America do we go through ridiculous airport checks, and outrageously detailed checks when entering buildings such as the ones on capitol hill in Washington D.C. while at events such as the California Democratic State Convention where 6 of the 7 democrat candidates were present (including a Congressman, A Governor, Several Senators in addition to all speakers who are high ranking members in the California Government) and there was absolutely NO security point. All you had to do was register (as delegate, press, observer) and at no point were you checked. In addition you were given union printed, yet easily falsifiable passes to wear around your neck on a piece of plain black yarn. The likelihood of someone finding a pass is high, luckily the likelihood of someone using it for bad was not as high, or evident in the event last month.

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